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Why a wedding planner ?

Like no other Simcha, weddings are as much about romance as they are about families getting together.
They can also be a source of unspeakable problems, stress, anxiety, and worst of all... unmet expectations.

Israel Events takes the stress out of wedding planning by doing all the footwork so that our clients have the benefit of sitting back and actually enjoying going through the fun parts of the planning.
We work diligently to ensure extraordinary, one of a kind, events without the stress and hassle that so often accompany weddings planned by families.
Our experience in planning Simchas enables us to advise our clients on: 

• Select locations for selective tastes
Appropriate music that not only brings back memories but sets new ones as well 
• Mouthwatering menus tailored to satisfy even the most Epicurean tastes 
Photographers who capture moments rather than just shooting pictures 
Table arrangements that are as lovely as they are useful 
Hairdressers and Beauticians who are artistes in their own right 
• Accommodation as luxurious or laid back as you wish

Music ?

From D.J.'s and Keyboards to Classical ensembles; from traditional Klezmer, Chassidic and Sephardic music to contemporary jazz, rock, dance, country or any combination of the above. We can supply you with samples ahead of time so that there are no surprises.

Photo / Video

Orchestrating a successful Bat or Bar Mitzvah is much like producing a Broadway play or a Hollywood movie. There are so many behind the scenes players involved and perhaps none as important as the one whose experienced eyes are carefully capturing every precious moment for posterity and hours of enjoyment tomorrow. We only work with Israel's leading photographers and video. Each one has his or her own personality and special talent and we strive to ensure that their skills meet your expectations.

How about the extras ?

Israel Events is constantly searching the market for new and innovative suppliers of personal touch items like: Flowers, Decorations, Entertainers, Personalized songs, Kettubot, Benchers, Kippot, etc...

Wedding or Bar Mitzvah can be as simple or elaborate as you want.